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Miguel A. Fernandez is an industrial engineer specialized in chain supply logistics, process modeling/simulation, sustainable architecture, conservative/ethnographic projects and energy production consultancy.

For many years, Miguel has been devoted to synthesize the cultural heritage of the West with the most advanced scientific-economic challenges presented by techno-industrial societies. He is the author of several essays and novels that address the techno-scientific and economic issues of our times. Also, Miguel aims to establish a fruitful dialogue with the Eastern traditions and worldviews. 

As well, a return to a cultural synthesis between action and contemplation is one of Miguel´s greatest aims, this is, to realize –as G. K. Chesterton- that “if the idea does not seek to be the word, chances are that it is an evil idea. If the word is not made flesh it is a bad word”.  Hence, Miguel is extremely focused in providing action with a cultural dimension, as a type of dynamics that immanently affirms the spirit. Miguel is therefore a passionate athlete who is at the top of today´s world physical performance and records (See here)

​Miguel speaks fluently five languages and most of his essays and novels are available in English, Spanish and Galician.

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