ISBN-10: 1505691486

In this first essay of The Solar Warrior trilogy is described the historical decline of the Solar Warrior figure in the West through key events occurring in the Middle-Ages, fostering the progressive domain of the SuperDragon, camouflaged through its diverse masks.

ISBN-13: 978-1506103624

A deep description of the consequences that entailed for humanity the progressive disappearance of the Solar Warrior ideal, as the counterattack of historic and ideological forces, causing the progressive constitution of the Techno-System; an exoskeleton of a cybernetic/functional nature that provides humanity with material advantages at the expense of its happy enslavement.


ISBN-13: 978-1506104669

Within the invisible tyranny caused by the Techno-System during the 21st century, this third essay of “The Solar Warrior” describes the autonomous laws of such entity, emphasising its unsustainability. In a revolutionary way emerges the evolutionary potential of recovering a new conception of men harmonically linked to the cosmos. The potential of incarnating, once again, the Solar Warrior.

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