The main goal of Operative Traditions IV - Rubedo is to present new alternatives for revolutionizing a more harmonic relation to the earth. In this book is shown how architecture can serve as the most excellent healing and regenerative practice capable of harmonizing human´s actions with the earth´s inherent potentials.


Along the several sections of this book, such technical field recovers its purest artistic capacities, which is not only that of expressing the transcendent forces that configure matter at all levels, but also in the sense of allowing the individuals who participate in such construction to serve an idea. The main purpose of this exposition is to ultimately demonstrate that a culture is something that ought to be built. Hence Operative Traditions IV - Rubedo distills the creative potentials of the earth amidst the most high-tech conditions of our times. The result is a revolutionary view on architecture, which in this book is coined Operative Architecture. This type of architecture not only restores the cultural and cosmological value of architecture itself, but also incorporates the most excellent engineering spirit of our times, driving it towards a universal vision that symbolically manifests the deep connections existent between human action and the cosmos at large. CLICK HERE to read the introduction of this book



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