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You´ve got the power

Very few people realize today how extremely disempowering it is to spend one´s time providing free publicity to politicians or to any of those wealthy sectors who are assumed to “rule” society. The constant presence of these figures in the media have induced millions of individuals worldwide to believe in their façade of power according to what I often refer in my books as the “Wizard of Oz” illusion, an illusion that aspires to persuade people worldwide that today´s rulers are actually capable of solving the problems of society. The more we talk about them, the more the illusion grows, and the easier it is to blame them of one´s own problems. In other words, the “Wizard of Oz” illusion propitiates victimhood and disempowerment.

The real problem that any individual has to face today is the development of personality and freedom amidst the challenges imposed by the rapid development of techno-industrial infrastructures worldwide, a development that not only powerfully determines the socioeconomic conditions but also determines human thoughts and actions at a very deep level. As incredible as it may sound, there´s no fact that proves that politicians, wealthy classes or rulers can modify or condition this problem; rather there are countless facts that prove that they´re also conditioned by it. At a personal level, I can assure that no politician, political party, corporation or ruling elite has ever impeded me accomplish what I want, even considering my humble family origins, and the main barrier I always had to challenge was exclusively my own ignorance; ignorance about the human condition (about it´s real strengths and weaknesses), ignorance about nature, and ignorance about how power actually operates in the world at a corporate and systemic level.

In terms of how power operates in the word most important barriers are structural, linked to the high degree of functionalism that characterizes today´s society. And some could easily argue in this regard that elite powerful groups, technocrats/globalists and multinational corporations have designed and planned ahead the complex techno-industrial infrastructures that characterize the changes operated by globalization, or that -as affirmed by those who support conspiracy theory narratives- that there exist secret societies behind the scenes (Illuminati, Masonry, globalists, etc.) that have developed such technological infrastructures as part of their main agenda for power and for mind control of the world´s population. Yet this type of argument lacks one fundamental proof, a proof that tosses to the ground all belief in the actual power of those so-called “elites”, and it´s that there is still no evidence whatsoever in the world of any document that exposes a plan for the invention and development of radio technology before the transistor was invented, or any document of nuclear plant design before Max Planck delved into the quantum realm… Let´s recall that Oppenheimer´s Project Manhattan that developed in the 1940s the atomic bomb was a large-scale project that –as expressed in all its project´s documents - `climbed´ upon both technological discoveries (radio and nuclear technology) yet only when such inventions were `already there´, just like when Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953 climbed Mount Everest because –as he claimed- such mountain was also `already there´. This lack of evidences doesn´t deny that there shall always be governments, corporations or private sectors that aspire to monopolize the property of the `technological mountains´ but still today there is no evidence in the world that such sectors of power have the capacity to change `the routes of the stars´ for their own profit, which brings us to the question if a `controlling´ of such cosmic creative routes is possible...

Here it´s worth recalling the words of Terence McKenna, a man who successfully incarnated the archetype of the shaman in modern society, and consequently no power in the world could impede him be who he was, and do what he was meant to do:

And if McKenna accomplished such destiny, why can´t we?... Like guys like McKenna, all we have to do is constantly empower ourselves by incarnating on a daily basis our highest archetype.

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