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The Solar Warrior - Objectives

The principles that have motivated the creation of “The Solar Warrior” are both evolutionary and revolutionary.

They are evolutionary principles, since at every moment existed the assumption or premise that there is no evolutionary potential for humanity in itself, but only to the extent that humanity -or more specifically men- manage to establish firm connections with the new realities that are external to the mere human domain, succeeding thus in creating a harmonic symbiosis between both realms. Consequently a potential new bridging with the cosmos necessarily demands a rigorous and adequate knowledge of the cosmos itself, yet in no case is this knowledge of the cosmos independent of the Being or subject who acknowledges it, so when facing the endeavour of establishing such connection in the existent conditions of the 21st century, it is indispensable to comply with both the following pre-requisites:

a) an integral knowledge of the cosmos

b) the recovery of an integral knowledge about the nature of men.

And it is in this regard that “The Solar Warrior” necessarily complements the evolutionary ambition with the revolutionary one, by recovering therefore the original meaning of “revolution” from the Latin re-volvere which signifies “to go back to the origins”, not obviously in a historic sense, but rather in a meta-historic sense, this is, in the sense of recovering a worldview and a set of principles that, independent of time and space, allow men to harmonically link to the specific conditions of this time and such place.

Precisely due to the latter standpoint, the commercialisation of “The Solar Warrior” in today´s publishing companies is practically a mission condemned to fail, since in this trilogy is left aside any humanist, liberal, conservative, ideological, ideal, evolutionist, economic, romantic and spiritualist conception of men, which are all promoted one way or another within the publishing arena of our times and that of the mass-media, ultimately causing the feeding and fortification of humanity´s alienation with regard to a relatively new set of conditions of existence. These new conditions of existence are the modern urban/industrial/technological and cybernetic domains, which as a whole follow a set of laws that are absolutely independent of any humanist, liberal, conservative, technological, ideal, evolutionist, romantic or spiritualist valuing.

Obviously at first the latter statement shall sound very radical to most ears, in the same way it would have been very radical to the first-class Titanic passengers to hear that none of their romantic, economic, liberal, conservative, political or class-related ideas could do anything against the titanic power that was tragically directing their lives; a power they didn´t manage to see due to their liberal and bourgeois conceptions of human freedom. But now whoever wants to listen to the message shall at last listen to the message in all its purity and power, and by means of learning about a revolutionary conception of human freedom, individuals shall not only be free from the determining forces of the 21st century, but what´s more important, shall end up dominating such forces to their own advantage.

It is also important to advise the reader that the message of “The Solar Warrior” in no case intends to promote the ego´s self-satisfaction of the reader, nor promote that which in recent times has been called positive thinking… This trilogy is not intended for entertainment, nor is it intended to be liked, “cool”, or “interesting”… In truth, it essentially consists of a formative work, aimed for those vigorous and noble spirits that intend to reach the maximum they can reach in life on their own, thus allowing them leave a true mark in the world that can trespass millennia, with absolute responsibility. Yet this responsibility is necessarily coupled to a discipline, and more particularly, to a self-discipline… In the same way that maths constitute one of the most hated teachings yet one of the most useful in our practical life, this trilogy is also characterized by the same character of maths, and thus it can hardly constitute an adequate intellectual satisfaction for those lazy or comfortable individuals who easily let themselves be impelled by the chaotic waves of circumstance or diversion, thus ambitioning a happy life free from any unbearable tensions.

So this goes in correspondence to the fact of the warrior title of the trilogy; yet eminently warrior, thus recovering from the “warrior” concept its noblest, majestic and honourable virtues, which have all been one way or another completely degraded in our times due to the technical barbarism of modern war, and to a less extent due to the diffusion of specific film and literary contents. But from the more authentic and traditional viewpoint regarding war, such as that which had been perfectly incarnated by the Knights Templar in the West and the Samurai in the East, a key matter that emerges is the definition of the nature of today´s conflict and the nature of the enemy.

In truth, during the last two centuries the concept of “enemy” has also become very abruptly degraded in parallel to the concept of “war”, since in the same way there is widespread idea in the cultural domain of our times that war is motivated by economic or class-related interests, such conception has inevitably caused the concept of enemy itself to become reduced to that of merely economic or class-related motivations… However, this view highly impoverishes a greater one conceived for instance by the Knights Templar, more than seven centuries ago, who conceived war as a necessary and indispensable conflict among diverse forms of power, aiming to favour processes of synthesis or destruction that are consubstantial to any human civilization. These powers are always configured by the States and the Empires, as formative entities and historical forces that determine culture, religions, economic processes and social organizations… And in all of this, war appears as the necessary conflict between different worldviews in order to modify the configuration of States and thus allow men who are integrated within such States to encounter new aims and means whenever the conditions of life change.

The latter implies in practical terms that whenever change, evolution or synthesis exists, war and conflict necessarily have to exist… And yet… How can this key idea be applied to today's conditions of life? If in the case of the industrial and civilized world of the modern megalopolis we are living times of peace… Does this actually mean that we are not living times of change, evolution, and synthesis?

As a matter of fact, in the former assumption we are relying on a wrong premise: that of considering that in the case of our developed world we are living times of peace. It would be much more accurate to say that in the case of our developed societies we are mostly living in times of comfort and well-being, yet in practical terms it is not feasible to attain in the developed societies such conditions of comfort and material well-being without a massive and unsustainable exploitation on a planetary basis of energetic, material and human resources, in addition to the necessary uprooting of native and traditional communities and cultures, all of which inevitably causes processes of neurosis and many other modern pathologies. The fact that this destructive process can be momentarily compensated with surrogates of comfort, entertainment and consumption in no way implies that the latent destructive process itself is eliminated, similarly to how an antidepressant or painkiller never attacks the root of a psychological conflict.

So ultimately we are living times of deep war, even though by superficially observing the level of subjacent conflict that is revealed amidst our societies, it does not necessarily consist of a conflict that is expressed in the abrupt loss of human lives -such as it takes place in the case of the most barbaric aspects of modern war- as in the fact of the suspicious need existent in our developed societies of avoiding conflict by means of all forms of evasions, diversions and surrogates.

Therefore, by already being suspicious at this point with regard to the almost undeniable existence of a latent conflict within the developed societies of our times… What is actually the nature of such conflict?… Facing this question we´ll have to resort once again to a worldview lost in the mists of time where it is implicitly assumed that war is always embedded with a spiritual or anti-spiritual character. And again, it is very likely that the latter statement might frontally crash against any spiritualist premise which assumes that whatever is “spiritual” has to be synonymous of pacifism, harmony, mysticism, beatitude, and to a less extent, has to be linked to the most diverse “New Age” currents that have appeared during the last decades, mostly within the developed countries. Yet this crash in no case consists of a crash against the value of what is spiritual, but actually supposes a crash against a reductionist view of what is spiritual, an interpretation that doses a comforting view of spirituality that tends implicitly to demand conditions of material well-being as the required infrastructure for such spiritualist and pacifist superstructure… And no matter if the proponents of such spiriritualism shall ever admit it or not, such modern material infrastructure in no way has been materialized by pacific means, since the mega-industry that makes it possible is destructive by nature.

Once this nuance is pointed out, in “The Solar Warrior” there is provided a specific vision about the conflict of our times, avoiding naturally any ideological standpoints that can avoid challenging the conflict itself. It is considered that as occurs in all conflict, there are forces meant to defeat and promote synthesis, when at the same time these forces are always in opposition to forces that are meant to lose and promote fragmentation. And it is assumed that the deep knowledge of one of these forces allow the acknowledgement of the other, and vice versa… Thus in “The Solar Warrior” trilogy there exists a constant contrast between the heroic virtue, and all those social, political, ethical and technological conditions that tend to burden the intrinsic brilliance of such virtue. Therefore, at first, the Solar Warrior can be likely conceived as an individual who has managed to allow the heroic virtue to prevail against the usurpation of the disaggregating forces that exist in a given age, yet this victory is not even thinkable if on one hand the principles of heroic virtues are not recovered and, on the other, the correct acknowledgment of the disaggregating and destructive forces of a given age is not made.

Nevertheless, for didactic reasons it has been attempted in this trilogy to avoid describing in a strictly separated way both the heroic virtue and the disaggregating forces, but rather what was intended was to create a progressive transition between both domains, a bridge capable of facilitating for the reader and aspirant to “The Solar Warrior” the knowledge with regard to the direct repercussions of this conflict upon the domain of ideologies, history, science, politics, ethics and the material infrastructure of our societies. Due to the latter, the idea of considering the trilogy format seemed the most appropriate, where in “Origins, Rise and Decline” the heroic virtue is more emphasized, while in “The Eclipse” considerations in regard to this transition or “bridging” are stressed, and in “The New Hope” there are described in the most synthetic and brief way possible the specific conditions of our times which are characterized by means and systems that are embedded with the potential of disaggregating and denaturing the human capacity to attain states of freedom, sovereignty and dominion.

The objective of “The Solar Warrior” trilogy

The birth of “The Solar Warrior” trilogy is due to a large extent to the deep perception of the state of crisis that we our living in our times, and to the pressing need to delve into a profound diagnosis of this crisis, ultimately aiming to overcome it. And it is by challenging this issue that the purely synthetic spirit of the trilogy emerges as a fundamental response.

We tend to conceive, by inertia or comfort, that if today there exists a crisis, that such crisis is of an economic type, while others might still adduce that we live in times of political, moral, ethical or values crisis, etc. Yet at the end of the day all these partial crisis expressions are very much interconnected, and because of such connectivity not even the economic crisis can be solved unless actions take place upon the other domains… Therefore, we can already imagine here the highly systemic nature of our crisis… In the domain of nature all living beings tend towards self-organization and to acquire the so-called homeostatic states, which briefly means that amidst conditions of high chaos and energy dissipation all functions, organs and sub-systems become coordinated in order to serve a common purpose. And even though these phenomena take place in the domain of nature, in the case of civilization such homeostasis very seldom takes place, and it is precisely in the case of the technological, urban and industrial civilizations that we live in today where we will very rarely find individuals capable of answering the crucial question: What´s the purpose of such development?… For example, one way or another in the political domain such answer always goes together with the idea that development and economic growth serve individual material well-being and the attainment of individual freedoms, yet in such answer a considerable abdication is already manifest, since a finality, if it is an actual finality, cannot serve individualist purposes, but rather must serve something that can transcend individualism and allow the harmonic convergence of the virtues and attributes of the given members of a society.

From the former can be deduced that one of the main motives of the crisis we are living is directly related to the incapacity on the part of the institutions or States to define finalities that can go beyond the promotion of the individual and economic liberties of the individuals. And yet when facing this dilemma there necessarily arises a great question for the most awakened minds, since… If we thus consider the hypothesis that the nation states of our times or the institutions of our urban-industrial societies don´t define in effect authentic finalities: How can it be then that modern society is still so sophisticatedly organized despite all the many crises? The answer to this question shall constitute the most difficult to digest on the part of most of our contemporary citizens, and yet it shall however be the answer that shall allow seeing with renewed eyes the authentic state of affairs… In truth, the highly organized state existent within the modern urban/industrial domains necessarily requires the existence of a finality, yet what is dramatic here -or better said, tragic- is that the finality itself is unknown by the societies and individuals who follow such finality, no matter how much an individual needs to believe that he obeys criteria chosen by him or her. Ultimately, individualism itself is a necessary condition in order to serve this unknown finality, and upon which is intended in “The Solar Warrior” trilogy to shed light upon.

It is precisely in such situations where in effect finalities do exist, and yet at the same time the latter are unknown by men, when according to the most strict rigor the existence of the forces of darkness can be considered as real, since men, even propelled by anxious individualism, are still determined in the deepest recesses of their beings by such forces, even though being unaware of the forces themselves. As we formerly exposed, this unconscious obedience to given powers is linked to the profound unawareness of the human nature itself with regard to its most integral aspects. This integral knowledge encompasses as well the decisive power of all unconscious and subconscious factors which even the psychoanalytical schools of the last century didn´t manage to identify with regard to their powerful transcendence, and especially because they mainly dismissed the vertiginous rate of change that the environment and biosphere of the earth experienced during the last century. The fact of shedding light upon these dark unconscious and subconscious forces constitutes the necessary condition in order to dominate such forces and thus attain the star of human destiny and freedom. Otherwise, any discourse or talking about freedom can only become highly virtual.

And not only freedom, but also the ethical, political and moral domains of our times have also became highly virtual and abstract, due to the simple reason that they are powerless when it comes to challenging and gaining some practical relevance before the imperative of incessant development, which during the last decades has ultimately monopolized the action of men, and such criteria of development is what actually assigns the social value of the individual who exerts such actions. The reader will very likely gather thousands of examples of the latter on a daily basis… And nevertheless, even with this being quite obvious, there still remains unanswered the response to the great question: Which is the aim of this development?…

This question will never be capable of being answered by those who actively participate in such development, nor by all those who by means of propagating ideologies, spectacles, consumerisms and diversions still provide men with false and alienating justifications that in no case coherently answer the question. It can´t either be answered by the ensemble formed by the technicians, engineers, scientists or technocrats who in general, without them even being aware of it, are constituted into the human instruments who implement such development… This might be the most decisive question of our times, and thus it is also necessary to determine who is actually capable of attempting to answer it.

Whoever is capable of pointing out this question in the first place, and what´s more important, of finding the answer, necessarily has to correspond to a human type that nowadays is practically extinguished in our societies. It has to correspond to a human type capable of overcoming and integrating any mercantilist or technical view of life. Those who, in all time and place, managed to follow aims that transcended such domains were the warriors. We´re not referring here to soldiers or mercenaries… We´re talking about individuals who aligned with the forces of an Empire or State, and that, by means of their actions, incarnated such forces, which consolidated the power upon which later on the economic subsystems and the social configurations could materialize, like a portrait upon a canvas; and precisely the “portrait” constituted the finality that directed the actions of the warrior, by aligning with the spirit of the State or Empire.

Only warriors of this sort are capable of asking the question, not necessarily by means of intellectual constructions, but rather in their actions, their lives, their combat and their sacrifices. Yet nowadays, these warriors are conspicuous by their absence, ultimately due in the first place to the lack of States or institutions illuminated by principles of Honour and courage, and in the second place due to the progressive planetary predominance of States that have given in to the imperative of development without being capable in any case of shedding light upon the aim itself of such development. However, in our times the lack of light at the level of public institutions and corporations doesn´t mean that in other less visible domains which are more clandestine or enigmatic, the issue regarding the aims of the human condition in our age hadn't been however transmitted generation after generation since some centuries ago through a golden thread of teachings and contacts that have always been present, and that shall always be present, for whoever wants to open their eyes upon such transcendental questions. This “inner empire” corresponds to a force of a transcendent nature capable of shedding light upon the determining forces of absolutely any age, aiming to employ such forces as means that can assist when defining the degree of subjection of men to depersonalising and enslaving powers. And the action of employing such means of power existent in a given age, when aiming to liberate such light and not rather aiming to become further attached to means of an uncertain finality or purpose, corresponds to a heroic task that demands warrior natural conditions in whoever chooses himself for such endeavour. This is why the only individual capable of answering the issue of the ultimate finalities, thus shedding light upon the dark forces of a given age shall necessarily be the Solar Warrior, whose very life expresses such finality.

This entails that situations of crisis and conflict are always the food of the Solar Warrior. And this is not less true in our times. And what´s more, the heroic principles of the Solar Warrior are prone to becoming irreversibly degraded in situations of material well-being, while they rather powerfully emerge during those historic times characterised by dissolution, corruption and human barbarism in all their diverse forms.

This is why the main aim of “The Solar Warrior” trilogy is that of assisting the reader to deeply comprehend the actual existence of given determinisms -or laws if preferred- that nowadays burden his or her potential to act according to a direction that can allow the culmination of his or her maximum aspirations. These laws, in addition, are characterized by several levels that are expressed differently through the three essays of the trilogy. Hence, in the third book of the trilogy “A New Hope” such laws are expressed based in their most materialistic and empiric character and in this book is emphasized as well the importance of the conditioning of the psycho-physiological human reactions by regular exposure to a cybernetic, functional and virtual world that nowadays constitutes our main conditions of existence. By embracing this crucial approach to the domain of the direct and effective forms of experience of our times, in the second book of the trilogy: “The Eclipse” is attempted a more decisive approach to worldviews, ideologies and superstructures that we´ve assimilated for years and that allow the psychological and religious (in the Latin sense of re-ligare, to link a collective in a given direction…) behaviour of the individual towards a finality that not necessarily is that which promotes his true freedom and power in relation to all means. Some might consider that this second book is more focused in the “soul” or “psyche”, while the third is more focused in the “body” and experience, and I even believe this view is of great coherence. And in the third place we have the first book of the trilogy, “Origins, Rise, and Decline” where we rather penetrate in a more metaphysical domain, a domain that it is good to recall on the part of modern science has been considered as a “subjective residue”. And yet in “Origins, Rise & Decline” by means of deep introspection in the meanings of myth, such legendary domain shall precisely aid in a very crucial way in order to comprehend the global meaning and the aim of the whole of the content, not only in the case of the development of the three books of the trilogy, but also by considering that the reader shall eventually perceive analogous developments in his/her own life.

It is in this regard that the collection is revolutionary, since the return to the origins is accomplished in order to recover a meaning that can no longer serve as mere nostalgia or romanticism, but rather serve in order to build a sense here and now, upon the actual physical and material foundations existent in the 21st century. Obviously we are referring here to lay the foundations of a gigantic project that shall require a superhuman effort.

But not even the eternal Rome -the Sacrum Roman Imperium- was built in a day. Read more on "Origins, Rise & Decline" Read more on "The Eclipse" Read more on "A New Hope"

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