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A Personal View - List of Articles

Self-knowledge paths

On Youth. On Adventure

On love

Antonio Medrano. The Path of Honor

The Operative conclusion of the St. James Way

Live to Tell

The Dark Side of the Force

Am I an “Illuminati”?!

The Power of the Individual

On biographies

Trolling with credentials

The ego persuasion of credentials

Can a book change History?...

On some thinkers who influenced me

My admiration of Karl Marx´s work

On José Ortega y Gasset

Julius Evola´s “Ride the Tiger”: a crucial book in my life

On Julius Evola´s “Magical Idealism”

Theodore Roszak (-); an exception that confirms the rule.

On Marshall McLuhan

On Gilbert Simondon

On Ilya Prigogine

Ivan Illich: The Eloquence of Silence

The connection between Ivan Illich and filmmaker Godfrey Reggio

A critique on Alexander Dugin´s work

The Cult of Ernst Jünger

Ernst Jünger, or the rediscovery of technique

Good Intentions Lead To Hell. An advice by Jacques Ellul


Raw imagination

Education… Is it a problem or solution?

The creative destruction of knowledge

On Cathedra

Educators are crucial during adolescence

Talent as Inner Calling

Technology: Pros and Cons

The True Narrative of the World

I am not a “Neo-Luddite”

Denouncing technology?

There is an ancestral need in men to understand the machine

The difference between technological application, innovation and invention

On electronic media

The medium is the message, also in social media

Mind Control in Social Media

Diplomacy in social media

The technical phenomena: to be perceived by artists

The doers and the dreamers

Eros moves to Hyperspace

The Mystery of Singularities


On the Stanley Milgram experiment

Jacques Ellul´s concept of “politization”

Ernst Jünger´s overcoming of nationalism

The Issue of Immigration

On racism: Tell me what you are obsessed with and I´ll tell you who you are

Racism as the ideological justification of idiocy

Globalists versus nationalists. A sterile debate

Ernst Jünger: It is about being Up or Down; not of the Left or Right

On Traditionalism

Tell me your first impression on Napoleon and I´ll tell you who you are...

Politics with a bottle of Brandy

Gothic/Medieval culture and ethics

The Memory of the Knight Templars

On Gothic Architecture

The burning of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris


An excerpt from “Metaphysics of Debt”, an essay on the making.

Recovering a balance with the Earth

The Mission of our Times

Think globally, act locally

On Traditional Sustainability

Native America

Modern Industry versus Traditional Industry

Acqua Infernales

The sustainability of the unsustainable: is it a good plan?

The Idealism of Sustainability

The deception of sustainability

The censorship of Industrial Engineers

Why industrial engineers are never asked about global warming?

The engine of Nature

The naiveté of Greta Thunberg

The Greta Thunberg hype

CONCRETIZATION: A Conceptual Revolution in Modern Architecture

Why write about architecture if you are not an architect?

What happens in the Arctic doesn´t stay in the Arctic…

The miracles of Nature

The House of Sciences

Nature is today an abstraction

The fairest order in the world is a heap of random sweepings

The Universe in your Hand

The Inspiring Perfection of Crystals

There is no algorithm for mystery

Immanent Transcendence: The missing link of modern science

Returning to a science of our senses

Energy as Mystery

The Recovery of Sacred Science


The Decadence of Medicine

Still counting calories?

The psychosomatic roots of disease


On Spanish wine, Tortillas and Amazon

The Power of Food from the Earth

Tell me which is your relation to food, and I´ll tell you who you are

The Power of the Body

The Karate Kid: a timeless message on operative faculties

The Power of Handshaking

The Art of Handling Guns

The science of shaking cocktails

The Degradation of Martial Arts

The fate of Ronaldo Nazario


Mutiny on Civilization

Scent of a Woman

On the film Contact


The real risks of covid-

Viruses go for the weak, at all levels

Is covid- a political problem?

Covid-: A perspective from Ivan Illich´s theology

The connections between covid- and the ideas of Ivan Illich

Another bizarre interpretation of the origin of SARS-Cov- coronavirus

Health as a commodity

Dancing with Wolves and the Coronavirus

Health versus economy

Coronavirus: The reopening of the economy

Coronavirus: its connection to oil

Coronavirus: Ride the Beast

Coronavirus: divide and conquer

Coronavirus: information overdose and panic

Coronavirus: mainstream fear-mongering

Coronavirus is the seaquake; the economic consequences shall be the tsunami.

Coronavirus: the crucial mistake

Herd mentality or herd immunity

Coronavirus: we are not immune to the problem

Coronavirus: Is it wanted dead… Or alive?

Coronavirus: Society has decided to live with fear

Coronavirus: The Responsibility of the Press

High Values

What is nobility?...

Once upon a time, writing was an art…

Writing is not a profession

Handwriting Analysis

On Sacred Leisure/Otium

We don´t play; we are “being played”

The Art of Reading Between the Lines

Rich man, poor man

On Caste and Race

On Elegance I

Forging elegance; the forging of a diamond

On St. Michael Archangel

The Nobility of the Spanish Fighting Bull

The American Dream

What is richness?

Can one individual alter the course of history?...

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