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For a decade, the author Miguel A. Fernández has raised funds destined to found an institution that ensures the following values:

  1. Integral Education to face the challenges of the future

  2. Transmission of values ​​based on virtue and sacrifice.

  3. Understanding of the inheritance of the past, and its value for life.

  4. Formation of character and personality, as keys of Being.

  5. Understanding of the technological and ideological conditions of our times.

  6. Promotion of love for nature, art and human relationships.

  7. Education of men and women who live in order to build an idea in their lives.

  8. Contribute to develop the seeds for the future, selecting the values of the present

  9. Revaluation of art and architecture as cosmological expressions that contribute to knowledge.

  10. Generation of a bibliographic organization that points to all the above.

The funds raised are considerable, but there is still a lot of work and commitment to be done.

If you want to contribute to this cause, here is the payment method.

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